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What is the Stemgirls Club?

STEMgirls club provides an opportunity for girls to explore STEM careers through weekly, engaging and fun STEM club challenges. STEMgirls provides the teachers with all the resources needed to deliver 10 fun packed, engaging challenges each term. Each term schools are invited to the STEMgirls Speed Dating Roadshow and Finale where girls will get to meet highly successful STEM females from industry, providing opportunity for networking and career advice. The club is designed just for girls to provide girls with a safe space to express themselves in the absence of boys as well as nurturing the girls, and giving them the skills to empower them to take STEM subjects at A level which will lead them into STEM apprenticeships or University courses. 

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Founder Profile

STEMgirls club was founded by Amy Ryman, a teacher for twelve years in inner London state schools. She is currently the Head Of Science of a large comprehensive in Crystal Palace. In this time she has empowered her students to trust in themselves and take STEM subjects at University. She has seen that this is not happening in all schools and believes that it is every school's responsibility to act on this. As a teacher, she has the skills necessary and experience to know how to prepare and deliver, but more importantly effective STEM activities with emphasis on "girls". By creating this programme, together we can impact thousands of students across the country and empower them to choose a career in STEM.

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The opportunity

The current curriculum and the pressure to perform against league tables means that longer, in depth problem solving tasks which incorporates STEM skills, such as problem solving, trialling, testing and building are not able to be delivered in class time. STEMgirls clubs will therefore provide the opportunity for these skills to be developed. For example one project looking at a farm in China at the top of a mountain grows tomatoes. However the market where the tomatoes are sold is at the bottom of the mountain. The project involved students spending three weeks designing and building prototypes and adjusting their designs to create a model vessel to deliver tomatoes safely to the market.