We’ve long heard of the old boys’ network. This term STEM Girls club had an innovative take on this, with a distinctly modern twist: 22 impressive and successful women from a variety of STEM careers inspiring 80 local girls and young women to pursue a career in science, technology, engineering and Maths. Set up like a speed-dating session, 14 – 16 year old students grilled each expert for 3 minutes before moving on.
What does it take to be an engineer in a traditionally male dominated realm? What does a designer at a biotech company do? And does the designer of driverless cars think they are close to becoming a reality on London streets? ...There were countless questions as students grabbed the opportunity to find out more, make connections and start to flesh out dreams and aspirations of their own.
The mastermind of the event, held at Wimbledon High School GDST, was STEMGirlsClub founder Amy Ryman- former Head of Science at Harris City Academy Crystal Palace  and passionate advocate of encouraging girls into science careers. Amy said:
“The aim of the event tonight was to bring girls in front of really inspiring role models. To show the girls that they could do and be anything they put their minds to. The atmosphere in the room was electric and the students bounced out the gates, with new questions to research, and new possibilities about careers before they hadn’t even known existed.” 
Girls who attended clearly came away inspired:
“I like puzzles and I heard from the scientist at Cancer Research how you can work a bit like on a puzzle to create something that could save many lives.”
“It’s amazing to hear stories from so many different women and get an idea of what we might like to do in the future.”
“I like the fact that you have the opportunity to be one of the first people to do these things as a woman.”
Cindy Strobach, Founder of Unit Lab (making products that bringing scientific theories alive), was one of the women sharing her experiences:
“It was so much fun joining STEMGirlsClub and chatting to so many amazing girls about their future careers. I’m still feeling empowered by the enthusiasm and curiosity the girls brought with them!”
80 students from 5 London schools attaended: Wimbledon High School GDST, Harris academy Crystal Palace, Richmond Park academy, Ursuline High School, and Burntwood school. STEMGirlsClub plan to roll the roadshow out nationally.

Amy Ryman