Are you aged between 13 and 16 years old and would like a girls club just for girls !!  STEMgirls Club is a club; just for girls to take part in fun STEM challenges which real life girls just like you get to do every day and get paid for it! Have you ever wondered who created the technology in your phone? Invented the first computer? Who has saved billions of lives by inventing the seat belt. Who also saved you from having to do the washing up by inventing the dishwasher... 

They were all girls like you once, given the opportunities STEMgirls club will offer you. Do you want to change the world?? Tell your teachers about STEMgirls Club and get them to bring you one step closet to making a difference in the world and realising your dream job! 

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"I am a student at an inner London state comprehensive when I first joined the school I can honestly say I hated science. I really struggled with biology and chemistry as I thought the  subjects were too hard and it was a lot of information to take in, however I loved physics. I really love maths and when I was in my physics lesson I could see myself using the same  kills that I would normally use in my maths lessons and I would apply it to my calculations in physics. After joining STEM club I realised how important, me being a female interested in physics and maths to the real world. I realised I could be someone who could change the way we live in the world. I could make a robot who could do anything you wanted it to do and I could even design rockets that could travel to the furthest planet in our solar system. Because of STEM club I realised I could accomplish all of these things, just because I admire physics and maths. In the future I want to take physics and maths A Level because of STEM club".