CIO+1 Event

This Tuesday I was asked by Claire Priestly to open her CIO+1 event. The event was specifically looking at challenging the lack of diversity in STEM and the "leaky pipeline". As STEM Girls Club's approach is to start at the source it made sense to start with me. 

When considering how to approach this presentation due to the fact that although I am well used to speaking in front of many people as a teacher, it is unusual for the people in front of me to be already well into the careers. 

I decided to start with Why; which is where my own journey for STEM girls started. The book that taught me to always keep in my mind what my "Why" is. 

I started the presentation asking the audience what their "Why" is. Why are they in the positions they are currently; research has shown that girls more than boys are influenced by parents and people currently in careers when deciding what career path to go down. My question was if less than 10% of STEM are female then this can only lead to a continuation of the current trend; which recent research has shown will take 238 years to balance in Physics. 

It is for that reason that schools, universities and businesses must all work together to expose our girls to as many positive role models as possible. 

The Annual Careers Roadshow does just this! With over 25 incredible, inspiring females in STEM spend the evening sharing their own stories with secondary school students at the crucial time of picking options for GCSE and A level. 

To get the right advice at this crucial time could easily give our girls the confidence to pick STEM, leading to successful fulfilling and happy careers. 

If you would like to attend the Careers event; this year it takes place on Monday 3rd December at 5.30-7.30pm at Prendergast School in Brockley London. Please complete the form under the forms tab above. 

Amy RymanCity University