Starts with Why...

As the end of my school journey as Head of Science begins to come to an end I am about to embark on a new journey as Director of STEMgirls Club. Its all coming together now, with the marketing and design aspects complete and the schools for the pilot all ready to go in September. This Summer will be spent seeking out the best STEM companies to use in September and creating the challenges for the club.

The power of networking continues to astound me and how lucky we are to get one voice to the masses so easily with social media. I have realised The Why for this project and it's The Why that will make this project a success. We cannot live in the 21st century and at least not try to empower all to meet their full potential. They are right 9% is not enough - to have less than 10% of engineers being female is madness if we want to compete in these STEM fields in the future. But we need to empower these students when they are making these decisions that will influence their futures.

Come along for the ride... now you know the reason why, it'll make the journey less bumpy.

Amy Ryman