Brief description of work history
After finishing my masters in Energy and Environmental Engineering I got a job in EY Advisory as a consultant within the sustainability field. During my three years in EY, first as a consultant and later as a Senior Consultant, I worked on sustainability projects for some of Norway’s biggest companies. After EY I started my current job at E-CO Energy, Norway’s second largest renewable hydropower producer. In E-CO my job is to model and optimize the production, and to trade the physical power to the different power markets.

My experience being a girl engineer

I am so happy I went against the stream and chose a profession that has traditionally been held by men. Being a girl engineer makes me stand out in the job market, and so far, I have only had good experiences. Girls are important in every work place, not because the government says we should have gender equality, but because diverse teams really perform better! 
I am highly passionate about the environment and I chose my degree because I wanted to make a change, I wanted to have impact. The technical skills and in depth knowledge I acquired during my education gave me exactly the right tools and foundation in order to do just that. The five years since I graduated has been great, and now I’m excited to see how far my engineering career will take me! 


I don’t regret my engineering degree for a second and highly encourage other  girls to do the same.