Profile Me: I’m Georgina Webster, I’m 33 and live in London.

Jobs since Graduation:

▪ Current:, Platform Lead

▪ Previous: Accenture, Tech Programme Manager at various retailers

▪ Previous:, Graduate Scheme lead to Tech Project and Programme Manager Roles


▪ Degree: Political Science Graduate, University of Birmingham

▪ A-Levels: History, English Literature, Politics, General Studies

Technology & Me Technology is an integral part of our day-to-day lives; whether that’s in the mobiles we use to keep in touch, using online shopping or the tech that helps to run our hospitals. That’s why I first got interested in it. I’ve always been interested in solving problems – I used to love a word search or jigsaw puzzle as a kid (old school I know!). Now I get to do this all the time with a great team of highly intelligent people. STEM industries are all about coming up with solutions to problems, some of which are groundbreaking never been attempted before. We are essentially innovating and inventing every day, now that’s pretty cool, Einstein eat your heart out!!

I’m not going to lie, when I first started out in Technology I was part of a team of 50 people – I was the only female, at times it was tough, thinking I was the odd one out and scared to challenge other people’s theories. However, people are generally really nice on the workplace (no bullies allowed!) so if you build a great network of people around you then you’ll be fine and won’t even notice what gender people are. Plus it gets a little easier for everyone each time another female joins the gang!

So if you shine at thinking up cool new ideas and love working in a constantly changing environment where you will be kept on your toes… give something related to STEM go! I’ve never regretted it.

My top 3 tips

1. Do not be afraid to ask questions they are never stupid, I promise!

2. Do something you are passionate about… I love technology, I love solving problems and I love fashion. It makes it much easier to get up in a morning if you love what you do.

3. Find someone who you admire and ask them to help you work through any concerns, questions or just to bounce ideas around – this could be a teacher, a parent or a friend.