STEMgirls Club launches

A pilot scheme to encourage young girls into STEM careers is launching this month at three schools across the South East.

STEMgirls Club, founded by Amy Ryman, former Head of Science at Harris Academy, is a programme for schools consisting of teaching materials, work experience, graduate scheme opportunities, and interaction with female STEM role models. 

Currently only 9 percent of engineers are female, with the UK producing the lowest number of engineering professionals across Europe, yet through inspiring young girls with programmes such as STEMgirls Club, it is hoped this will change. 

“By creating this programme, we together can impact on thousands of students across the country and empower them to choose a career in STEM,” says Founder Miss Ryman. 

STEMgirls Club is aimed at 14 to 16 year olds and consists of 10 sessions per term delivered by a teacher at the school and resourced by STEMgirls Club. Teachers will be equipped with materials that engage the girls in the vanities of engineering and link to engineering careers. 

Participating schools will also be invited to visit STEM businesses, be visited by female STEM role models and have first hand links with STEM businesses providing opportunities for work experience, apprenticeships and post graduate positions. 

Traditionally, young women show a decreased interest in STEM subjects as they progress through their school years. In fact, only 18 percent of girls continue from GCSE to take a STEM subject at A Level. 

Founder Amy Ryman believes that by inspiring and supporting young girls, more of them will choose STEM courses at A Level and on to further education to tackle the stigma and obstacles many women face.     

“The current curriculum and the pressure to perform against league tables means that longer, in-depth problem solving tasks that incorporate STEM skills, such as problem solving, trialing, testing and building, are not able to be delivered in class time. STEMgirls Clubs will therefore provide the opportunity for these skills to be developed,” adds Miss Ryman.

STEMgirls Club is being piloted at Harris Academy Crystal Palace, Richmond Park Academy and Wimbledon High School between now and December and is expected to be rolled out in schools across the country in 2018. 

For further information or to arrange an interview with Amy Ryman please contact or tel +44 7749 973 201

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Amy Ryman